Aqua Lofoten Coast Adventure

Activities in Lofotodden National Park

Join us on guided RIB boat tours to hidden gems and abandoned fishing villages in Lofoten. Along the way, locals will tell you unique stories about the area. Experience the Moskstraumen maelstrom, the dramatic mountain range known as Lofotveggen, and join one of our mountain hikes.




Our most popular trips

Get close to the wildlife, experience the midnight sun, or join a fishing trip on the Lofoten Sea.

Active Holidays


Recommended for group trips with friends:

A combination of fun and active experiences, including an informal fishing competition.


Mixed Holiday


Recommended for families:

All highlights in one package: culture and history, nature and wildlife, active participation and relaxed enjoyment. Something for every ages!


Easygoing Holiday


Recommended for those who like to enjoy the moment:

A combination of guided tours and laid-back nature experiences.