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Experience Lofoten Fishing All Year Round

Our fishing boat, Trio II, is 70 foot, and protected by the National Heritage Board. It has two fishing decks, and a total of six fishing stations. We use the traditional Norwegian fishing equipment juksahjul (jigger wheel), which is designed to be able to handle large fish.

On either a day or a multi-day trip, you can become a real Lofoten fisherman on board Trio II. Let us create the perfect trip for you.

Winter Fishing
“Lofotfiske” – seasonal fishing in the Lofoten area – takes place from January to April. The area’s main winter fish is the “skrei”, or Northeast Atlantic cod, which travels all the way from the Barents Sea to Lofoten to spawn. If you’re lucky enough to catch a cod that weighs more than 30 kg, you’ve definitely earned bragging rights. Cod of this size are locally known as “coffee cod” and, if you catch one, the local newspaper will treat you to 1 kg of coffee as a prize.

Summer Fishing
The area’s main summer fish is saithe/pollock, and we fish for it mainly in July and August. We’ll set course towards the maelstrom at Lofotodden, which has always been a popular area for saithe/pollock. This species of fish is strong, so if you’ve got a big fish, it might be good to have several people help pull it up.

Year-Round Fishing
Fishing in Lofoten is a must for a lot of people who visit the area. There’s always fish in the sea, although they don’t always bite on the first try. We offer fishing trips year-round. Cod, saithe/pollock, haddock, ling, redfish, mackerel and catfish are among the fish we most often catch onboard.

Day Trips
Our day trips with Trio II last for four hours. Once aboard, it usually takes 45 minutes to get to the good fishing spots. During transport you can enjoy panoramic views of the dramatic Lofoten Wall. On the way back to our base you’ll likely get to watch as the captain guts the fish that you caught. Keep your eyes open, as eagles may swoop down to get some easily accessible food.

Overnight Trips
Trio II was originally a fishing boat that housed 6-7 fishermen for several months at a time. The boat can accommodate up to eight overnight guests. It has one 4-person cabin and two 2-person cabins. There are also two bathrooms, a galley (kitchen), and a booth (dining area) onboard. Just like with real Lofoten fishing, the weather, wind, and fish set our course.

Explore with Aqua Lofoten Coast Adventure

Get close to Lofoten’s wildlife and the Lofotveggen mountain range in a RIB boat, join easygoing walks or more demanding mountain hikes, or test life as a real fisherman on a protected, historic fishing boat.

Fishing Trips

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Join us on guided RIB boat tours to hidden gems and abandoned fishing villages in Lofoten. Along the way, locals will tell you unique stories about the area. Experience the Moskstraumen maelstrom, the dramatic mountain range known as Lofotveggen, and join one of our mountain hikes.