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Lofotodden On Land And On Water

We divide our safaris with RIB boats into three types of trips, where you’re either on board the boat for the duration of the trip, go ashore for an easy walk, or for a more demanding mountain hike. On most trips, you’ll be accompanied by a guide, who will sometimes also be driving the boat.

Safari with RIB
You’ll stay on board the boat for the duration of the trip, and you can learn a lot about the area from listening to your guide tell stories about the local history, nature, and wildlife. Choose between safari trips in the Reinefjord, which is surrounded by high mountains formed during the last ice age, or along the dramatic mountain range known as the Lofotveggen to the maelstrom Moskstraumen, which is one of the world’s strongest tidal currents.

Safari with RIB Including Walks
Travelling by RIB allows us to step ashore in places that would otherwise be inaccessible. Without steep inclines, our walks follow natural terrain. We’ll navigate through bushes and rock slides, over boulders and onto sandy beaches. Our walking trips are suitable for people in average physical condition, but having good balance is an advantage.

Safari with RIB Including Mountain Hike
We’ll use RIB to get to the starting point for the most spectacular trips. For these trips, the mountain hike is the highlight of the day, and you’ll get to experience steep mountain slopes and changes in elevation of around 500 meters. To take part in this type of trip, you should be in good physical shape, and you’ll get to experience the raw Norwegian nature.

What is a RIB Boat?
RIB is short for “rigid-hull inflatable boat”. This type of boat is very stable and seaworthy, even in rough waters. Because the boat doesn’t sit deep in the water, we can navigate closer to land, and through islets and skerries. The chance of getting seasick is considerably less when you’re sitting in an open boat close to the sea surface.

Explore with Aqua Lofoten Coast Adventure

Get close to Lofoten’s wildlife and the Lofotveggen mountain range in a RIB boat, join easygoing walks or more demanding mountain hikes, or test life as a real fisherman on a protected, historic fishing boat.

Fishing Trips

Safari with RIB



Activities in Lofotodden National Park

Join us on guided RIB boat tours to hidden gems and abandoned fishing villages in Lofoten. Along the way, locals will tell you unique stories about the area. Experience the Moskstraumen maelstrom, the dramatic mountain range known as Lofotveggen, and join one of our mountain hikes..