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Working in Lofoten

Working in Lofoten

Reine in Lofoten


Guide zodiac safari trips
Crew fishing vessel

Aqua Lofoten Coast Adventure AS
Reineveien 55
8390 Reine
Email: booking@aqualofoten.no
Phone: +47 99 01 90 42


Working in Lofoten isn’t work, it’s experiencing a different and wonderful lifestyle and great nature!

Aqua Lofoten Coast Adventure AS has more than 10 years’ experience on the Lofoten Sea. We offer fishing trips and guided sightseeing trips with Zodiac boats. We also have snorkeling and diving as an option.

Our head office is in Lofoten Bed & Breakfast AS in Reine. We also have one office in the centre of Reine and one in Sakrisøy.

All our positions will be available from mid-May to late August.

Snorkel guide

You will have the main responsibility for arranging snorkeling trips, from meeting the guests in the shop, choosing the best sites, donning equipment, guiding and instructing. Most of our guests are drop-ins, so you must be able to adjust to a changing schedule. Couples/friends are adduced to apply. As you will be working independently, we will agree on two people sharing the job. This is because we take safety very seriously, and because it can be more fun for you.

We would love for you to come late May, to get the chance to learn the dive sites and get a routine before the main season starts. Season ends approximate late August.

You must:
– have experience in snorkelling
– know CPR and safaty in water
– be renewed, certified PADI DM or Instructor is recommended
– have a driver’s license
– be willing to work days, evenings and weekends.
– be able to work independently
– speak English and preferably a Scandinavian language

Guide zodiac safari trips

Our main tour where we need a guide is the trips to the cave of Refsvika. This is a cave with 3-4000-year-old cave paintings. To be able to work as a guide here, you must take an exam given by the Authorities in the county. The course will be given by us as a tour operator. All our trips are either pure boat safaris, or combined hiking and boat trips. Therefore, you must be comfortable being on the sea. It is extremely important that you are flexible, as we offer these trips at all times of the day, although mostly in the afternoon/evenings.

You must:
– guide our Refsvika cave tours after passed exam
– take part in our local guide course
– be willing to work days, evenings, nights and weekends
– be able to work independently
– prepare guests for trips, both the ones you guide, and those without a guide
– speak English and preferably a Scandinavian language

Crew fishing vessel

We offer fishing trips on our 70-foot fishing vessel. It is important for us that our guests also learn about the Lofoten fishing culture and that they learn how to use the equipment on the boat. In addition to being a crew member you will also be a host for the gusts on the boat.

You must:
– organize the fishing trip including meeting and preparing the guests for the trip
– teaching the guests how to use the equipment on the boat
– be a host on the trip, including serving the guests and helping them fish
– have education for working on the boat.


Your main working area will be our booking office in the center of Reine. You have to have the main overview over every day’s activities to organize the guides and update the skippers on their tasks that day. You will be responsible for the company’s phone and e-mail correspondence. You must have good knowledge to our activities and must be able to make decisions on short notice. Flexibility and quick thinking is a must in this position.

You must:
– meet the guides and skippers and inform and update them on their day
– meet the guests, take payment and inform them about the trip
– assist guides and crew on preparing for the trip
– book guests on trips

We will:
– help you find a place to stay
– give you all the knowledge you need
– make sure you have time to explore the islands
– give you salary after agreement

Aqua Lofoten Coast Adventure AS is in a unique cooperation with Lofoten Bed & Breakfast AS. If you are interested in combining jobs in these two companies, that will be totally possible.

If you are interested, send us a cover letter and CV to booking@aqualofoten.no by February 1st.

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