Environmental Sustainability

Aqua Lofoten Coast Adventure is a locally run family business. Since 2006, we have offered land and water-based nature experiences and activities in Lofoten.

Since we started, there have been a lot of developments in environmental thinking and sustainability. We want to contribute where we can, to keep Lofoten a beautiful natural paradise that everyone can enjoy.

Since May 2021, we have been Miljøfyrtårn (Eco-lighthouse) certified! To access our Climate and Environment Report, send us a request by email.

Locally Sourced

We want Lofoten’s small businesses to flourish, and we do as much as possible to support Western Lofoten’s local companies. We source locally and love to collaborate with other businesses based in the area.

Beach Cleaning

Back in 2011, we began our efforts in beach cleaning, and since 2012, we’ve worked with the waste company Lofoten avfallsselskap (LAS) to clean up inaccessible spots along the Lofoten Islands.

Environmental Certification

Since our founding, we’ve been committed to taking care of nature in the best possible way, based on the options we have available to our guests. In 2019, following pressure from the industry, it became possible for tourism companies that operate motorised traffic to become Eco-Lighthouse certified. We’re happy to finally have proof of the measures we have been taking within environmental sustainability.

Keeping Traditions alive

Throughout our portfolio of activities, we maintain a strong focus on preserving nature, culture and Lofoten’s exciting local history. Onboard our historic and protected fishing boat Trio II, we use traditional Norwegian fishing equipment “juksahjul” and teach traditional fishing methods. During our RIB trips, you’ll hear legends and stories about how life unfolded in Lofoten’s “fiskevær”, or remote fishing villages, when they were still active settlements.


Despite the fact that RIBs may not be considered environmentally friendly, we consider it absolutely necessary to use such reliable boats and engines during our regular trips onto the open sea and through strong tidal currents. Sometimes we travel to areas where there is no phone or VFH radio coverage. We’re paying close attention to developments in electric boat engines, hoping to be able to ​​switch to that in the future.

Sustainable Destination

In 2020, Lofoten was approved as a sustainable travel destination. It’s now even easier to eat locally, overnight at sustainable accommodations, and to choose environmentally certified activity suppliers, like us. Welcome to the green islands.

Plan Your Trip

Use our FAQ section to find answers to any question you might have. Find information about transportation to and from Aqua Lofoten Coast Adventure, take a look at our recommended packing lists – and feel free to read about our work to become environmentally certified.


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Activities in Lofotodden National Park

Join us on guided RIB boat tours to hidden gems and abandoned fishing villages in Lofoten. Along the way, locals will tell you unique stories about the area. Experience the Moskstraumen maelstrom, the dramatic mountain range known as Lofotveggen, and join one of our mountain hikes.