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Active nature experiences for friends

A combination of fun and active adventures, including an informal fishing competition.


4 nights / 3 days with fishing, RIB tours and hikes

Fishing Trip
During the fishing trip, you’ll learn how to use the traditional fishing equipment ‘juksahjul’, and you’ll be responsible for doing the actual fishing. The skipper will handle gutting the fish, and you will of course be able to take it with you so that you can prepare a meal together after the trip.

RIB Tour and Hike
Welcome to Lofotodden National Park. During this trip, we won’t be hiking very high up, but the route will take us along natural surroundings with a path in hilly terrain, over piles of rocks, and finally down to a beautiful sandy beach. The highlight of the trip is the 3,000-4,000-year-old cave paintings in Refsvikhula.

RIB Tour to Mosknesstraumen maelstrom
This trip can be a little more action-filled than the other trips, since we’ll go out into the world’s strongest tidal current on the open sea. We’ll cruise between islets and reefs and get a chance to see the local bird life, including gannets and eagles.


3 nights / 2 days with fishing in Lofoten

Lofoten Fisherman
We’ll give you a great introduction to what it means to be a ‘real’ Lofoten fisherman. Our local skipper will take you to the best fishing spots and show you how the fish is gutted on board the boat in a true northern Norwegian way. We’ll use the traditional fishing equipment known as ‘juksahjul’, and after a thorough introduction from the crew, you’ll have the pleasure and honour of fishing your own Lofoten fish.

You will experience Lofoten and its fantastic natural winter scenery on board our protected fishing vessel Trio II, which is a traditional fishing boat from the north. It measures a full 70 feet over two decks, so there will be plenty of space for everyone on board to enjoy fishing and the surrounding nature to the fullest.


For accommodation on land, we recommend staying at Lofoten Bed & Breakfast in Reine. Choosing this option will mean that you’ll be in contact with the same people in terms of accommodation and activities, which can make your trip easier. You can also book everything directly via Lofoten Bed & Breakfast’s booking page.

It’s also possible to stay on board the Trio II. In total, we have eight beds, which are divided into one four-person cabin and two two-person cabins. Two bathrooms, a galley (kitchen) and a booth (dining room) are also on board, as well as areas for relaxation.

Friends and Couples
We recommend double rooms or family rooms so that you’ll have a little more space. An apartment with room for small social gatherings and dinners is also possible.

We recommend a family room or apartment, with room for three to six people. You might prefer a family room with a kitchen. All apartments are equipped with a kitchen.

For a slightly unusual holiday, we recommend that you spend the night on board the Trio II.

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Activities in Lofotodden National Park

Join us on guided RIB boat tours to hidden gems and abandoned fishing villages in Lofoten. Along the way, locals will tell you unique stories about the area. Experience the Moskstraumen maelstrom, the dramatic mountain range known as Lofotveggen, and join one of our mountain hikes.